University of Cincinnati

Science Olympiad Invitational

Cincinnati, Ohio
February 13, 2021

Virtual Invitational

Photo by Hargreaves Associates


UC Science Olympiad is an undergraduate student organization dedicated to providing accessible S.T.E.M. literacy and challenging students through its annual high school invitational tournament. Founded by SciOly alumni, our initiative is to provide a high-quality competition based on our experiences as former competitors. We also conduct outreach to help local high schools in the Cincinnati areas start their own Science Olympiad chapters. 

All 23 Division C events and competition schedule will be following the national event rules. All exams will be written by Science Olympiad alumni, coaches, and professors. In addition to competing in events, students will have the opportunity to explore the University of Cincinnati campus! (Note: Invitational results will not affect a team's eligibility to qualify for the state/national tournament.)



Where can I find tournament information?

All pertinent tournament info can be found under the "Tournament Information" tab at the top of this page.

Where can I find the forms that my students need to sign?

They are also located on the “Tournament Information” page under the “Student Forms” tab.

In what format will the Invitational be held?

The 2021 Invitational will be 100% virtual due to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Where will the tournament take place?

The 2021 Invitational will be using the online platform called Scilympiad for all teams to compete virtually.  


Tournament Info

Although the invitational is 100% virtual, a map of campus is attached below for anyone interested in learning more about UC. Attached below is a map of our campus (click to enlarge).

Student Forms

All teams need to complete the final registration and policy forms.

Forms will be turned in the day of the tournament (Location and time TBA).

Registration Policies

Registration will open in the fall on a first-come, first-serve basis. University of Cincinnati Science Olympiad will open registration on October 1st and close on December 15th. This year, we are allowing up to 100 teams to register. However, there will be a waitlist for the teams who register after we reach the max capacity.  Click the box below to register for our Invitational via Scilympiad

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